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Supermarket Savings

Save hundreds of pounds a year on your food shopping £££

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With grocery prices continually rising and monthly household spend on grocery shopping costing anywhere between £100 and £1,000 per month, who wouldn't want to save on their food shopping?

With a subscription to Exclusives you can save 3-5% EVERY TIME you shop in Waitrose, Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Iceland, M&S or Morrisons. Savings are on everything you buy and you could save hundreds of pounds a year. You can still get all of your loyalty points, 3 for 2 and BOGOF offers 

It's so easy to do, you just purchase a gift card or gift voucher and pay for your shopping with the voucher at the till.

For example with the 4% saving at Tesco, you buy a voucher worth £100 but you only pay £96. If you spend £100 a week that's a saving of £200 a year!!

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Equestrian Savings

Savings on your favourite equestrian brands £££

We all know we spend too much on our beloved horses, this is not new news! However it is exactly why I aim to bring you great discounts on your favourite equestrian brands - just to ease the pain a little!

Whilst we have some bigger retailers on board, I am also passionate about bringing together small independent equestrian, pet and country loving retailers and giving them an additional platform to showcase their wares to the equestrian market!

We have Exclusive offers with tack shops, large and small, independent retailers, bedding companies, supplement companies, dressage coaches and even equestrian pilates!

If you have a favourite retailer you'd like to see featured on Exclusives why not let me know and I'll see what I can do!


Even if you're not an extravagant spender Live It Exclusives is a fantastic scheme to get involved with! I do my regular household shop at Sainsbury’s online using my Pure (byond) Card and get myself between £15 to £20 cash back each month! That’s money for free! With a few other spends I’m getting near on or over £30 per month cash back which is the cost of a dressage lesson for me . So technically a free lesson every month…. Happy days!! Thanks Gemma for introducing me to this!!

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