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Save money on your every day spending so that you can spend more on your horse!


With a monthly subscription for less than the price of 2 takeaway coffees, you could save hundreds of pound a year - huge savings that could pay for your lessons, a training camp or the latest matchy matchy set you've had your eye on!

My Story...

In my Corporate life I worked as an employee benefits specialist, companies will often offer discounts and cashback schemes to employees as a benefit to help their wages go further. I realised that many people in the equestrian industry never get access to a scheme like this and no one needs to save money more than equestrians right?!

So I have partnered with an employee benefits company to bring these amazing savings to the equestrian world as a subscription service. As well as great high street savings I will also be adding equestrian brands to the site each month! You can either subscribe to this yourself, or if you're a great equestrian employer and want to do more for your employees you can pay for the scheme on their behalf.

How do the savings work?

There are different ways to save and it depends on your personal preferences and which retailer you are shopping with. See further down the page for more information on the different types of savings available.

How do I sign up?

That's easy, scroll back to the top of this page to sign up for the introductory price of just £2.50 per month (that's less than the price of a takeaway coffee!). Once you have subscribed you receive a welcome email with a link to register for the discounts portal. Be aware that this might go in to your junk folder so make sure you use an email address that you have access to if you want to sign up straight away.


At the end of your initial 12 months you'll be charged £5 per month for 12 months unless you choose to cancel. You can cancel at any time during the 12 months, there's no contract.

Need more help understanding how this works?

I understand that this can be confusing to begin with but I'm here to help you maximise your savings - please contact me if you need any support or have any questions.

Live It - cards image.png


These are physical cards just like the gift vouchers you can buy on the high street but the difference is that they can be reused. Every time you reload or top up the card you make a saving on the total value.

Tesco offer a reoadable card option and with 4% off everything in Tesco you'll only pay £96 for every £100 of credit. If you spend £200 a month on groceries that's a saving of around £100 a year. You then pay with the gift card in store and you'll still earn your Tesco clubcard points as usual.

Things to know... 

1 -the first time you order you'll be charged for postage so this may cancel your first saving however once you have the card there is no further charge and you'll save from then onwards.

2 - you can only top up your gift card with a debit card, credit cards are not an option.

Use these if...

You're happy to have multiple cards for different retailers


You're not comfortable using e-vouchers.

eGift Cards

These pretty do what it says on the tin, you buy a voucher that is emailed to you and then you just scan the barcode in store.

Just like with the physical gift cards you make the saving when you purchase the voucher.

Costa offer a 10% saving with a eGift card so for every £20 voucher you buy, you will save £2. That might not sound a lot but over the year it will really add up!

Things to know...

1. Vouchers are usually sent straight away meaning you can buy them in store for impulse purchases but on occasion they can take up to 20 minutes to land in your inbox so try to buy in advance when you can.

2. When you open the voucher you'll get the option to save them to the home screen on your phone, meaning it couldn't be easier to find your voucher ready to pay at the till.

3. You don't have to spend the whole voucher in one go, you can just keep scanning it until the credit runs out at which point you can buy another.

Use these if...

You're an impulse shopper


You don't like carrying lots of cards.


People always ask me how cashback works and it really is just how it sounds. Every time you make an online purchase with a retailer who offers cashback, they'll pay you a % of your payment back.


This cashback is the held securely in your Live It - Exclusives account and then you can withdraw it straight to your bank account. 


Things to know...

1. You MUST go to the retailer's website by logging on to your Live It - Exclusives account first and then clicking through to the Retailer. This way the retailer knows that you are entitled to cashback. 

2. Some retailers won't allow you to earn cashback if you are using any other kind of offer so be sure to read the small print.

3. There will be a waiting period of up to 90 days for your cashback to be processed although most retailers are quicker than this. This is so they can ensure you have not cancelled or returned the product before you earn cashback.

Use this if...

You are shopping online