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Equestrian Wellbeing Hub

Financial, physical and mental wellbeing for Equestrians

Are you guilty of looking after your horse better than you do yourself? Do you prioritise everything over yourself? Your horse, your family, your career?  You're not alone...equestrians are renowned for putting their self care at the bottom of a very long list! After a long career in HR with a specialist interest in employee wellbeing, I decided I wanted to do something to help the wellbeing of my fellow equestrians. 

On the Live It Equestrian Wellbeing Hub you have access to 4 modules of content:


Camp, Clinic and Coaching Bookings

Book regular coaching with your favourite trainer, find a fun camp to learn new things and make new friends or book a one off clinic.


Organisation of Camps & Clinics

Are you a Coach but don't have the time to organise your own camps and clinics? Or are you spending too much time managing your diary and waiting for payments? Let me do the hard work for you. Tailored packages available which can include some or all of the following; web & app based booking system, taking payments, venue sourcing and hire, event advertising, event organisation, producing times and organisation of catering.


Shopping discounts and cashback savings. You can save money on EVERYTHING you spend money on in day to day life, whether it's grocery shopping, a new laptop or TV, clothes, meals out, takeaways, the list goes on! 



Stimulate your mental wellbeing by taking a course in something you've always been interested in whether it's personal or professional, it could be learning to bake bread or improving your excel skills - there really is something for everyone.


Here you can answer a short survey about your general health and you'll receive a personalised wellbeing plan that will empower you to take control and improve your all round wellbeing. 


We all know that riding and being around horses is great exercise but if you want to lose weight, tone up and feel good you'll often need to add some additional exercise. Yoga and Pilates is also incredibly beneficial to horse riders and under the Move module you will have access to video led content covering all of these activities and more! 

About Live It Equestrian

For all things equestrian life

Live It Equestrian was founded by Gemma Dainty in 2021. After a long career working in HR, specialising in employee wellbeing I took some time out and realised that I wanted a break from corporate life. There are 2 things I am really passionate about (as well as horses and gin!) and I wanted to use my skills to bring this to the equestrian market. The first thing is wellbeing and I recognise that whilst people in the equestrian world obsess over their horse's wellbeing, all too often, they sacrifice their own. I wanted to create a hub for equestrians where they can save money and take time to focus on their own health and wellbeing for once. See the Equestrian Wellbeing Hub for more info on this!

I also love event planning and I have a passionate for organising fun, confidence building training activities. By helping trainers (and their clients)  take the hassle out of organising lessons, camps and clinics etc they can spend more time doing what they're good at and what they enjoy! By bringing bookings and payments online I can also make the process slicker for the riders. Head to the menu now to see all upcoming training opportunities!